María Jovita Menéndez

She was born in an island on the Parana river, pertaining to Campana, province of Buenos Aires on 08/15/1916, daughter of Maria Salome Flores and Francisco Menendez. At the seven years of age have left orphan of father, her older brothers and her mother worked hard to be able to stay, Jovita was the unique one that making great sacrifices study and became a teacher in the school of Campana. Work in the north of the province of Santa Fe, but its desire was to know patagonia; one appears in the national advice of education and with average pay and a ticket, went to make a suplencia of four months in school 139, 15 kilometers from the town where she was leaving, so she ride a horse every day for 5 years; she meet Bil and they got marry in 1947. When having the family in the urban zone requests to be moved to present school 270 and accepts a transfer to the school for adult people number 11, retires in the decade of the 60 and on the following day they name director of the commercial high school just created in El Bolson, she quit on 1973.

Outstanding teacher that even today, with 91 years tells the history of our town and its anecdotes to everybody. Around her are her daughter, grandsons and greats-grandchild who adore her for being an exceptional woman.

Marina Azcona made pair with Carlos Sebrie, had three children, Malvina Lucas and Mariano, this family is the one that decidied to make the located cabins in the land that the grandparents, untiring fighters of those times; for that reason what better way of remember them that the cabins take their names and that we fill of pride when who visits us asks to us who were they.