Babil Azcona

Call Bill by all those that knew him, he was the eighth son of the marriage, he was born near the river Ņiriuau in San Carlos de Bariloche on 04/08/1916, 16 days after he was born they took him and his six brothers to El Bolsón, in cart, a trip who last approximately 45 days. He went to primary school in present the school 270 of the locality and he finish his studies in La Plata, in a technical school that belong to the University and by the end of the decade of the 30 returns to live definitively in El Bolsón where he meet in 1942 Maria Jovita menendez, teacher, she was from Campana, province of Buenos Aires, they got marry in 1947 and they had two daughters, Alicia and Marina.

All its life he participate in the local Institutions, being founding partner of Refuge Club, Coopetel and Electricity El Bolsón Company, always acting in active form, leaving on the side personal things, by the good of the community.