Don Babil Azcona Salaverri

Been born in Muru Astrain, Navarre, Spain on 05/04/1882, without receiving any education got married at the age of 20 with Ambrosia Itoiz Uricain, they had two children and they embarked to America called by his uncle settled down in the place that today occupies the civic center of Bariloche City, Fermin Salaverri, brother of his Mother.

During the trip one of his children died of yellow fever, disembark in Viedma and they start off for Bariloche, where they arrive in 1905.

There, they had six children and two more in El Bolson where they arrived in 1916; when our father was 16 days old. He bought land and child his big family. By the end of the decade of the 20 they leave to La Plata where their children received education returning to El Bolson in 1945. He found the Spanish Society and he gave the name of Spain to a square of the town and there, he constructed a monolith, in whose base he placed a container with the history and the names of the first commission. He died in San Carlos de Bariloche on 03/18/1965.